What You Should Know About Dental implants in Long Island

Tooth loss is very common, with millions of Americans suffering from it. Sometimes tooth loss is caused by gingivitis or tooth decay, and other times it may occur due to an injury. Other times a person may be missing a tooth simply because the tooth never formed when it was supposed to. Though it may not seem like such a big deal to lose a tooth, it may make a person feel self-conscious about their smile and reduce their overall self-esteem. It can also cause the person difficulty in chewing their food, and if enough teeth are lost, their whole diet may need to be altered to make up for this. There are several treatment options for people with missing teeth in Long Island, including bridges and dentures. Dental implants in Long Island are also common.

Dental bridges fill in missing teeth by creating a bridge supported by two natural teeth or implants. They help to improve a person’s appearance and help them to chew better, and thus are a popular option for people with missing teeth. Another option is dentures, which are a replacement for missing teeth that you can put in and take out of your mouth as you please. Dentures are generally less expensive than implants or bridges, but they may be more difficult to eat with. As for dental implants, these replace teeth by placing an artificial root into a person’s jaw. The root is then attached to a false tooth which serves as the replacement.

Dental implants are sometimes preferred over bridges and dentures because they seem more natural than the other options. Teeth sometimes have to be cut down when getting bridges, and this problem is avoided when getting dental implants. Future tooth loss is deterred with implants. Also, unlike with dentures, implants won’t loosen and you will be able to eat all kinds of foods with them. Dental implants also won’t affect your speech and in some cases can last a person their lifetime.

For people who are considering getting dental implants in Long Island, Jay B. Lubliner may be a dentist to consider for the procedure. Both dental implant evaluations and restorations can also be done by him. In addition to dental implants, he also provides porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, fixed and removable dentures, fillings, and ceramic crowns and bridges. Evening and Saturday appointments can be made for those with a busy lifestyle.

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