Protect Your Child’s Smile With a Pediatric Dentist in Wayne NJ

A child’s first tooth is a celebrated and memorialized event, with photos and calls to grandparents. Soon though, teeth become less exciting and, with the exception of daily brushing, may be forgotten. Preventative dental care is an important factor in insuring that children are healthy and happy. Finding a Pediatric Dentist in Wayne NJ should come soon after that first tooth erupts. Dental care starting as early as possible after tooth development helps keep problems at bay and strong healthy teeth in place.

Visits to the dentist often incite fear, especially in children. Offices with bright colors, child-friendly aesthetics and spaces help ease the trauma associated with dental procedures. Waiting rooms filled with a variety of child-friendly toys, video games and even fish tanks can promote a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Outgoing, friendly staff can put a child and parent at ease.

Open treatment rooms with televisions offering children’s programming further help a child feel at home and make for a fun experience. Combined with state of the art technology, what was once a very scary idea, quickly becomes a positive and stress free visit. Advanced scheduling relieves stress for parents who have to plan ahead and appointment reminders help keep busy parents organized and on track.

Pediatric dentists receive special training beyond what most family and general dentists focus on. This training allows them to understand the needs and special requirements of toddlers, children and young adults. Digital radiography exposes children to less radiation than normal X-ray procedures and laser tooth prep means less drilling and trauma.

Emergency care is often essential in cases of trauma to teeth and gums, and children are often found in these situations as they learn and explore the world. Dentists that offer 24 hour emergency services can be a lifesaver to a panicked mom or dad. When situations require more invasive procedures, nitrous oxide can be used to calm nerves and anxiety. Having an experienced and knowledgeable dentist on hand can alleviate stress and heartache.

A pediatric dentist in Wayne NJ can provide the preventative, routine and emergency care for children from one year through college age, including those with special needs. Take the time to find the perfect dentist for your child today.





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