Common Kinds Of Dental Treatment in Royal

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Dental Implants, Dental Treatment, Dentist

Some procedures that a dentist performs helps patients maintain good oral health while other procedures can help them to enhance their appearance. Before visiting a dentist for dental treatment in Royal, patients should learn what to expect at the dental office. Below are some of the most common types of dental procedures that a dentist performs on a daily basis.

Oral Examinations

Every member of the family should visit the dentist at least two times every year for an oral examination and a dental cleaning. During the teeth cleaning procedure, a dental hygienist removes plaque from the teeth. After the teeth are polished and flossed, the dentist begins the oral examination. While looking at the mouth, teeth and gums, the dentist checks for any abnormalities, cavities, and dental problems. If a patient has certain teeth issues, the dentist may request more frequent exams.


If the dentist discovers a cavity while performing the oral examination, the patient will have to return at a later date to have the cavity filled. If the decayed portion of the tooth isn’t removed and filled in, the cavity will get larger, and the tooth may become painful. A dentist uses different types of materials to fill in a tooth cavity. For back teeth, silver amalgam is often used as it’s the least expensive filling material. Adults who don’t want a silver filling in their mouth can choose to have the cavity filled with a resin material that’s the same color as their teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Patients who feel that their teeth are stained or yellowed often visit the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure. When a dentist performs this dental treatment in Royal, the patient is in and out of the dentist office in around one hour. After brushing the whitening solution on a patient’s teeth and shining a special laser over the solution, a patient’s teeth are immediately whitened.

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