Why Periodontics in Gilbert AZ is Crucial to Your Health

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Dental Services

Many people look past periodontal disease. It wasn’t until recently that there has been more research on this gum disease. Now many people are warned of the risks that it can cause to your health. Thanks to new studies that have been published, and the studies still going on, you can become more aware of what can go on just from a gum disease with the help of Periodontics in Gilbert AZ. Many don’t realize that just because this gum disease is present, doesn’t mean it can’t travel to other areas of your body and into your bloodstream.


Having this type of gum disease can cause diabetes if not taken care of. The reason periodontal disease can trigger diabetes is because with the infection from the gums, it can raise the blood sugar level. Sometimes it’s not just for a short period of time. It can happen for an extended time period where the blood sugar level is high, and that is when diabetic complications can start to arise.

Heart Disease

This type of disease can be a scary matter, and unfortunately, all it takes is a case of periodontal disease. Having this infection in your system can bring on heart disease, or even a stroke. There has been more significant research that links periodontal disease and heart disease together.

How to get the Disease Under Control

Even when someone brushes their teeth twice per day, or even three times per day, they can still suffer. The reason for suffering even when brushing the teeth normally is because of the lack of flossing. The gum disease starts by not getting all of the old food particles out from your teeth and from the gum line. To get this under control, it’s crucial to see Periodontics in Gilbert AZ. The Periodontics in Gilbert AZ will be able to give a deep cleaning, and over time the disease will get better.

Thankfully, there is help available for periodontal disease. Unfortunately, some people don’t even realize they have the disease. It’s common, but can be prevented and treated. The Periodontics in Gilbert AZ may want to do a few deep cleanings, regular cleanings, X-rays, etc. to make sure all is going well and to see how things are progressing. Seeing a periodontist as soon as you notice something is beneficial, as if you catch problems early on, you’re more apt to get rid of them faster.

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