How Can the Emergency Dentist in Cedarville Help With Your Tooth Pain?

Many people find it difficult to deal with tooth pain, because it is so hard to bring under control. Though you may take pain medications and use toothache gels, you may not get the full relief from pain you are hoping for. Since toothaches can be caused by serious reasons, it is important you see your dentist for treatment as soon as you can. If you are not able to get an appointment for your general dentist, the Emergency Dentist in Cedarville can see you the very same day, even without an appointment.

What are the Main Causes of Toothaches?

When you first see the Emergency Dentist in Cedarville, he or she will want to know information on your symptoms and when they began. You will have X-rays taken and then be examined, to determine the cause of your pain, so the proper treatment can be carried out.

   Cavities are one of the greatest causes of tooth pain. If the Cedarville Emergency Dentist determines you have a cavity, he or she will work to remove the decayed tooth tissue first. This creates openings in your tooth that will need to be filled. The dentist may fill your tooth with dental resin, porcelain or metal alloy fillings, depending on your needs. Once your tooth has been filled, it should no longer cause you pain, since your nerve is no longer being damaged.

*    Another cause of toothaches can be infection. Infections may occur in your gum tissue and cause pain, or you may have a tooth abscess. If you notice pus drainage, foul odors and swelling around your tooth, you need to be seen by the dentist. Infections can quickly spread and the sooner they are treated, the better the chances of a full recovery will be.

If you are experiencing a toothache outside of an injury, it could be a cavity or infection. Make sure you see your dentist as soon as you can, so the cause can be found. For more information on dental care treatments available, visit They will provide you with the best in dental care, so your smile stays healthy.

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