Common Problems that a Dentist in Cliffwood Deals With

Dental health care should be a priority for everyone. Unfortunately, many people only realize the importance of good dental hygiene when they have a dental emergency. To avoid waiting until you have lost all your teeth to preventable problems, you should have a reliable dental health care professional working with you. Here are some of the common problems that a Dentist in Cliffwood deals with.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the commonest dental health complications. It can occur to people of all age groups. Here are some of the commonest causes of tooth decay.

  • Baby bottle tooth decay: this is mainly caused by poor nursing habits when dealing with little children.
  • Dental plaque: When a person doesn’t brush their teeth often, a kind of film known as plaque coats the tooth. This is acted upon by bacteria to create an acid that eats away at the tooth and the gum causing tooth decay.


There are several other causes of tooth decay. The treatment options that are available for decay depend on the extent of the damage. If the decay is superficial, filling will help stop further infection. On the other hand, if the decay has spread to the pulp cavity, the dentist may have to carry out a root canal procedure in an attempt to save the tooth. In instances where the decay has affected the roots, extraction may be the only solution.

Tooth discoloration

The main causes of tooth discoloration are poor eating habits and poor dental hygiene. A dentist solution to discolored teeth depends on the extent of the discoloration. For instance, light peroxide based bleaches may be used when the teeth are just a little bit discolored. However, deep staining will need the use of white light in addition to peroxide. There are times when the Dentist in Cliffwood may opt to give the patient veneers to cover teeth if they are deeply discolored.

These are just a few of the problems that a general dentist treats. For great services from the best Dentist in Cliffwood, go to They offer services such as regular dental checkups, treatment of cavities, a few cosmetic dental procedures and restorative dental procedures.

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