Family Dentist in Kona Handles Teeth Grinding by Reviewing Early Indications

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Dentist

Teeth grinding is alarmingly deceptive in what it can do to one’s mouth. On the surface, it doesn’t really seem like all that big of a deal. But underlying this rather ubiquitous ailment is a line-up of teeth weakening, wear and tear, and gum damage. Teeth grinding is a serious concern, especially if left alone for long periods of time. Stress is a main source for teeth grinding that comes and goes, and it has negative repercussions that make the stress worse in a cycle of aching jaws and weakened teeth.

So how does one take care of this seemingly innocuous problem? The short answer is by visiting the dental physician. He or she will determine what is causing teeth grinding, whether it is solely on stress, a sleep disorder, genetics, or a combination of problems.

Indications of teeth grinding from a Family Dentist in Kona include steady dull headaches and soreness in the jaw. These headaches are a lot different from that pounding sensation that comes as a precursor to a sickness. It is a steady ache that seems to be focused towards the bottom of your skull and in the center. Painful teeth are also a common ailment of teeth grinding, and it is something that is, again, not necessarily a pulsating pain. For example, it is a modest ache that could easily be mistaken or even ignored. But this sullen ache in the jaw or head will grow to something more sinister over time.

As the ailment progresses, it will cause more than just decent aches. Some of the latter consequences include cracking or fracturing teeth. The pressure will also damage the roots surrounded by the tooth and potentially cause enough strain for the teeth to actually loosen and fall out. This can be easily avoided with a visit to the Family Dentist in Kona. Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. is one of the leading dental physicians in the region that knows exactly how to spot potential teeth grinding and the progression of the ailment.

Teeth grinding is not a middling concern, and if left ignored it can amount to something pretty substantial. Use the above early indications as motivation to visit the local Family Dentist in Kona. Visit for more information.


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