Dental Implants Can Change Your Smile And Your Outlook On Life

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Dental Services

If you have missing teeth, front or back, you may want to consider dental implants rather than traditional dentures or bridge work. Implant dentistry in New York is a dental procedure that will not only improve your smile; but as they become an integral part of you they also change your facial appearance which tends to diminish when teeth are missing.

Both women and men equate beautiful smiles with success and fashion; it also sends out a subtle signal that you are in good health and that you are well educated and financially successful. When a tooth is missing way in the back of your mouth it may not concern most people but just because it cannot be seen does not mean that it doesn’t matter, because it does.

Why implants?  When a person is missing a tooth or teeth, the facial structure is impacted; it begins to appear aged because there is a tendency for the cheek to cave inwards as a result of the gum shrinking. Many people will intuitively think of cosmetic surgery as the solution, but there are better dental options available that are far more permanent as they actually make a difference to the facial structure, not just the skin. Dental Implants Edmonton will have a more significant impact on your face than any cosmetic surgery ever will.

The benefits of implants: In truth, missing teeth have a detrimental effect on both the aesthetics and a person’s overall health. When a tooth is removed, the adjoining teeth will seek to take advantage of this and slowly move to take up the space. When you undergo implant dentistry in New York this cannot happen, the implant will stop tooth movement and also stimulate the jaw bone to regenerate itself.

As the bone decreases the result is usually the appearance of sagging facial skin. The bone resorbs because there is muscle loss, when a dental implant is in position the muscle becomes stronger and the bone revitalizes itself. As this happens the sagging skin naturally tightens.

In many cases people who actually can solve their facial problem with dental implants turn to treatments which only cover up the problem, they do not correct it. Many people believe that collagen injections to the lips will solve the problem, it doesn’t; other people seek the assistance of plastic surgery, this rarely helps either. Reshaping or replacing teeth is in most cases the best solution.

Implant dentistry in New York adds a third dimension to tooth replacement. If you are missing teeth you no longer only have dentures and bridges as your only solutions. Over a series of appointments Dr. Shekib at New York Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Makeovers can implant a titanium root which fuses with your jawbone and serves as the base for a permanent replacement tooth.

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