What to Expect From Dentists During Regular Dental Examinations and Checkups

Regular dental examinations and checkups are important to your oral health. This is because even the most diligent brushing and flossing cannot remove plaque that has hardened into tartar. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure that you maintain a good oral health to avoid cavities, gum diseases, or other serious dental conditions that may arise if do not take care of your teeth. Here is a detailed analysis of what to expect from your dentist during a dental exam and cleaning. Understanding what a family dentist can do for you allows you to dispel any fears, and also gives you a greater appreciation for the invaluable services offered.

What to Expect From Regular Dental Checkups

During typical a dental checkup, which should be scheduled every six months, your family dentist spends most of the time with you. Most of a cleaning appointment is spent on removing the tartar from the patient’s teeth. Depending on the dental hygienists preference, different ultrasonic and hand instruments are used. After this, the teeth are then polished with a coarse substance. This polishing agent usually tastes like toothpaste, and leaves your teeth smooth and free from superficial stains.
The dental hygienist will then offer you advice on proper flossing and brushing to ensure you making the most out of your daily routine. If your hygienist notices any other dental issues, he or she will bring them to the attention of the dentist. The dentist will examine them and recommend the best dental solutions.

First Time Visits

If it is your first time to visit a family dentist, it is important you first inform your dentist about your dental and medical history. If you have any prescriptions, over-the-;counter medicine and other health conditions such as diabetes, let you dentist know all about it. This will allow your new dentist to know and check for certain dental issues that are commonly associated with such conditions. In addition, the dentist will be aware of what medications are right for you.
Visiting Dentists for regular checkups and cleaning allows you to avoid many dental problems and also help you to maintain the overall health of body. For more information about dental visits and their importance, visit schelldentistry.org.



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