The Importance of Early and Ongoing Pediatric Dental Care in Warrenton VA

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Dentist

Having a new baby in the house can feel overwhelming in a lot of ways, and that can become even more apparent when the first tooth is imminent. This is an excellent time for the child to have his or her first appointment at a center for pediatric dental care in Warrenton VA area. Bringing the child to a dental clinic this early in life sets the stage for healthy teeth and gums throughout a lifetime.

A dentist at a clinic such as Smilez Pediatric Dental Group can show the parents ways to ease the discomfort that is typical when baby teeth grow in. This dentist talks with the parents about strategies for cleaning the baby’s teeth and continuing to do so through the child’s toddler years.

Around age 5, a youngster tends to be ready to brush his own teeth, as now his grip is strong enough and he is coordinated enough. Mom or Dad should monitor the child’s brushing at first and occasionally afterward to make sure he isn’t getting lazy about the technique. Even though those baby teeth aren’t permanent, their health is important for the child’s oral comfort and for the health of the teeth that grow in behind the temporary ones.

If the youngster is still sucking on his thumb at that age, it’s time to get him to stop. The habit can cause orthodontic problems with the permanent teeth. Children should also begin learning which other habits may seem tempting but are best avoided. If a child of elementary school age wants to drink fruit juice or soft drinks throughout the day, that should be discouraged because it can cause tooth decay. A snack that includes juice or soda at a certain time of day can be the best option for teaching a child self-discipline in this area.

Of course, the child should have annual or twice-yearly checkups and professional teeth cleaning at pediatric dental care in Warrenton VA. This is the best way for a dentist to evaluate whether the youngster’s at-home dental care is effective and to find and treat any cavities before they get worse. With proper attention to a child’s teeth, he has a great chance of keeping his own permanent teeth throughout his entire life.

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