Advantages of Getting Dental Implants from an Office offering Dental Care Services in Heber Springs

Many older people have issues with missing teeth. Often they may have lost their teeth due to medical issues, injuries, or due to poor dental habits. Whatever the reason for the loss, having missing teeth can be very detrimental to a person’s way of life. It can affect how they eat, speak, smile and how the person feels about themselves as well. Because of these issues, it is important to visit a business offering dental care services in Heber Springs about the issue.

Most people who have several missing teeth may assume they will need to get dentures to replace their lost teeth. While dentures can be a good option, they can cause problems as well. Because dentures are not permanently affixed in the mouth, they can move or slip while they are being worn. This can often cause embarrassing situations for the wearer and it can cause sores in the mouth as well. These facts have led many dentists to recommend dental implants to their patients with missing teeth issues.

Dental implants are designed to replicate a person’s natural teeth. This is done by a dentist surgically placing a metal rod into the patient’s jawbone. The rod bonds with the jawbone and this creates a stable foundation for the replacement teeth to be attached to. Replacement teeth can be in the form of dentures, crowns or bridges depending on how many teeth need to be replaced. This type of replacement treatment can be more stable and secure. This can be a great benefit to the patient.

In addition, because the jawbone will have the metal rod to support, it will not tend to deteriorate as can happen when a person’s teeth are missing. This will help prevent the shape of the mouth and face from changing due to the jawbone losing density.

Dental implants from a facility providing dental care services in Heber Springs can be the best way to replace missing teeth. They can help a person speak more clearly, eat easier and their smile will be much brighter. These improvements will help in improving the person’s quality of life and their self-esteem as well. Visit for more information.



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