Teeth whitening, the simple way to regain your smile

Regardless of how well you look after your teeth; twice a day brushing, flossing and trips to the dentist every six months, as time goes by your teeth will show signs of staining and they lose their natural brightness. This should not come as any surprise; food, beverages and tobacco take their toll. Most people think that the stains are on the outermost surface of the tooth, the enamel, this is not the case. The enamel is transparent or translucent; the stains are showing through from the next tooth layer, the dentin. It is the dentin that gives teeth their color. When a person undergoes teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO, which is a very simple procedure, it is the dentin which is being bleached.

Prior to performing the teeth whitening procedure the dentist will ensure that the teeth are in good condition and then check to ensure that the patient is compatible with the process. Not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening. If the teeth have been capped or subjected to white fillings or veneers the bleach will have no affect as it cannot penetrate these materials to reach the dentin below.

Teeth which have been repaired using white resin fillings or teeth which have been subjected to a root canal will not whiten well. The dentist works toward whitening the subject teeth to compliment the adjacent teeth, if they have reconstructive work they will not bleach well and the teeth will look out of place.

Having said all that, the greatest majority of patients are great candidates for the procedure which in itself is a rather simple and painless procedure. The dentist applies a solution to the surface of the teeth; the solution is basically hydrogen peroxide. As the teeth enamel is porous, the solution permeates the enamel through to the dentin, the whitening takes place.

There are a number of solutions for teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO, some can be purchased from the drug store and the process can be done at home. Although home use products are readily available, nothing beats the results that you can get from the dentist. The dentist can accelerate the whitening process by using a blue light laser, the result is very white teeth in a short period of time; the dentist can whiten your teeth by as much as six shades in one appointment.

If your teeth are dull and stained the solution is at hand. Teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO is but one of the cosmetic dental procedures that is offered by Marc R. Van Ness at Lehman Drive Dental.

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