The Dentist Is Able to Stop the Destruction of Decay

Decay is one of the biggest detriments to the health of the teeth. Unfortunately, decay is not always evident to the naked eye and may not even cause any symptoms until the tooth is beginning to rot. When decay has begun in a tooth, it is crucial a person gets to the Dentist as soon as they can. Prompt treatment can often save a tooth and prevent death which would require a tooth to be pulled.

To keep decay from affecting the teeth, a person needs to make sure they brush and floss daily. They also need to see the dentist for cleanings and preventative care examinations at least twice a year. During these appointments, the teeth are carefully cleaned to remove all plaque and tartar. This cleaning process helps to ensure the teeth are protected so decay does not begin.

At these appointments, the patient also has X-rays taken. X-ray films can often reveal problems that dental professionals cannot see and the patient cannot feel. These films reveal the inside of the entire tooth, from crown to root, so any decay can be spotted and treated before it begins to cause major problems with the health of the tooth. After the X-rays have been fully reviewed and studied, the patient will have a full examination conducted. When X-rays are coupled with examinations, the most minute of cavities can be found so a patient’s oral health is fully protected.

If any decay is found, the tooth will need to be treated promptly because the decay will end up eating at the tissue to destroy the tooth and could even spread to other teeth. To repair the tooth, the decay will need to be removed. They will simply use a special dental tool to remove the decay and will then fill the tooth with a filling material. Once the tooth has been filled, it should no longer be damaged or cause any pain.

If you have found your tooth is bothering you because of decay or you are in need of other dental services, contact the office of Smile Solutions PC. They are a dental clinic that works to ensure their patient’s are properly cared for so they can have beautiful smiles.

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