Recommended First Aid from an Emergency Dentist in Eden Prairie

by | Aug 23, 2014 | Dental Implants

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, regardless of how zealous they are about their dental health. When you are faced with a dental emergency, your knowledge of the appropriate First Aid could make the difference between a mishap treated in time and permanent tooth loss. Here are some of the first Aid techniques that an Emergency Dentist in Eden Prairie recommends for different complications.

Dealing with a fractured jaw

This is normally caused by extreme trauma to the face and especially the jawbone. When you have a fractured jawbone, the first thing you should do is get a tie or scarf, close your mouth firmly and tie the scarf securely around the mouth. You can use the neck to support the knot. Also, avoid moving around as it will aggravate the problem. The next step should be contacting a dentist or other oral health care expert.

Dealing with a knocked out tooth

Teeth can get knocked out during an accident or fight. The first thing to do after you realize your tooth has been knocked out is to rinse off the mouth. If you can locate the knocked out tooth, you should clean it carefully with cold running water. Avoid scrubbing at the tooth or removing any tissue that is attached to the tooth. Try and see if you can gently push the tooth back in its socket. In case you cannot push the tooth back in, place it in a small container with milk and see a dentist immediately.

Dealing with a fractured or chipped tooth

The other common emergency is a chipped tooth. The first thing you should do after chipping a tooth is getting the fragments on to a piece of tissue paper. Rinse the mouth of if there is any blood coming out. Consult a dentist for a replacement as soon as you can. A broken tooth is more painful than chipping. When you have a broken tooth, you should hold an ice pack on the cheek next to the tooth to prevent swelling. Consult a dentist for a root canal.

These are a few first aid techniques that can help you deal with common dental emergencies. Remember that when you consult an Emergency Dentist in Eden Prairie soon after the emergency, you will have a higher chance of saving the tooth.

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