How to Know if a Crown is Right for You

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Dental Solution

The only way to know if a crown is right for you is to visit your dentist. There are different situations where the dentist may tell you that a crown is right for you. A crown is not the best option for everyone.

When is a Crown Used?

A crown is commonly used after a large filling is performed by the dentist. If a tooth has been weakened from a root canal, or if the dentist thinks that you should get a crown after a root canal. A root canal and fillings are known for damaging the tooth and wearing it down over time.

How Does a Crown Help?

A crown is a restoration of the tooth. It completely caps the tooth that was worked on to protect it. It can even cover dental implants as well. The crown will help protect against the tooth breaking and help to ensure there will be no decaying. There are different types of crowns, such as metal, gold, and non-metal. A dentist will know which type of crown will benefit each situation more.

Does it Hurt?

A crown is just like any other type of procedure in terms of causing discomfort for the patient. Dentists use Novocain to numb the gums in the area they will be working on. It’s common to not feel any pain at all while a dentist is applying the crown to the tooth. If any slight pain is felt, a dentist usually recommends holding up one of your arms so they can stop and apply more Novocain. After the procedure, the dentist will recommend Tylenol or another pain reliever as soon as the numbness starts wearing off so you won’t feel any after effects of the pain. By the next day, your mouth should return to normal relatively soon after the procedure.

Crowns in Wichita KS are great in many ways. There is much protection that they can give your tooth. It’s like a second chance to keep that tooth. Dentists have performed many procedures when it comes to crowns, and they know which teeth can benefit from it and who they are right for.

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