Perfect Your Smile With Dentures in Wichita KS

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Dental Services

A beautiful smile is something everyone wants to have. Unfortunately, the aging process and oral health concerns can cause you to lose your natural teeth. If you are missing your teeth, eating and socializing can both prove difficult. Most people feel self-conscious about their appearance when they are missing teeth. This can make things difficult in both your professional and personal life. if you are dealing with these issues, there is no reason you have to continue to suffer. Through dentures in Wichita KS, you can have your smile restored, so you can gain confidence and function again.

Before you make a final decision on getting dentures, it can help to know what to expect from the process. Most people are suitable candidates for dentures, but you will need to visit your dentist, to ensure your gum tissue is healthy. Getting dentures should not cause you any pain, but they can be uncomfortable to wear at first, as your gums get used to them. Most dentists recommend their patients use over-the-counter pain medications and pain relieving dental gels, to stop the discomfort.


The discomfort you feel should be mild. If you are in pain, you will need to seek help from your dentist. After about a week of wearing your dentures, you should feel used to them and the discomfort should cease. Most people are amazed at how naturally beautiful today’s dentures look. They will perform just like your own natural teeth, so you can eat what you like and feel confident in smiling again.

It is important you learn how to properly care for your dentures so you can keep them looking their best for years to come. When cleaning your dentures, make sure you only use products made for dentures. Regular toothbrushes and pastes can cause permanent damage to your new teeth. You also need to make sure you keep them in a cup of cool water or denture soak, to keep them moist when you are not wearing them.

If you are in need of dentures Wichita KS, contact your local dentist and schedule an appointment. This will allow you to learn more about dentures and find out if you are a good candidate.

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