How a Good Dentist in Viera Makes Your Smile Glitters

There is nothing that makes a person more insecure than having a dental anomaly. Having a dental health complication normally makes it very difficult to talk and laugh in public among other discomforts. To rectify what could be wrong with your teeth, you need to enlist the help of a competent Dentist in Viera. Here are some of the anomalies that can be rectified by these dentists.

Misaligned or crooked teeth

There are many people that are born with misaligned or crooked teeth. When this happens, a person needs to try and rectify the problem as early in life as they possibly can. There are two ways used in dealing with crooked teeth:

* Dental brackets: These are commonly known as braces. They are dental wires that are used in combination with brackets to try and push teeth that are out of line back into position. Teeth aligners are cemented to the teeth using dental cements. The wires that are attached to the brackets are regularly tightened to push the teeth back to position.

* Invisalign: This is a more modern method of aligning teeth. In this method, the dentist will use aligner trays that are basically Invisible to a stranger. The aligners will be adjusted after every few months till the teeth have aligned themselves.


Cracked, chipped and broken teeth

There are many things that can lead to fractures and cracks appearing on the tooth. When this happens, a dentist will recommend one of the following procedures.

* Veneers: These are covers made of resin or porcelain and attached to the surface of the teeth to conceal flaws and also protect the tooth from further damage.

* Root canal: This is a procedure that is administered on teeth that are fractured, as long as the fracture does not affect the root of the tooth.

Stained teeth

There are many things that cause tooth discoloration. The most common are age, diet, lifestyle choices and dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease. The dentist will recommend whitening by abrasion or bleaching depending on the extent of the problem.

These and many more are services offered by a Dentist in Viera. To learn more about choosing the right dentist, Click here.

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