Visit Board Certified Dentists in Queens, NY

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Dentist

To maintain good oral health, a visit to the dentist is recommended once every six months. The dentist will thoroughly examine your oral cavity and determine if there are any diseases or problems that need to be addressed. There are specialized tools that are used to check for various diseases and each tool must be handled by a certified representative that has gone through extensive training for that tool. Most of these tools provide a real-time X-Ray of the results so that the dentist can see under the tissue and have a better look at the bones holding the teeth.

Some of the most common diseases found upon examination include gingivitis, periodontal disease, cavities and tooth decay. To treat each of these common diseases, the dentist will look at your patient history to review previous treatments as well as search for precautions they should take when treating your disease. To treat the gingivitis, the dentist may need to scrape the teeth to get rid of the plaque. To treat the more progressive gingivitis which has developed into periodontal disease, a deeper cleaning may be needed.

For a deep cleaning, the patient will need to either be put to sleep or given a spot treatment of light anesthesia where the dentist will be working or a the mouth may be numbed with a needle full of anesthesia. For each method used, the person applying the anesthesia is required to be board certification to do so. To treat cavities, the dentist can fill each cavity with a substance such as Amalgam, porcelain or composite. Tooth decay may require pulling the teeth and installing dentures for more severe cases that are not able to be resolved with caps.

Northern Plaza Dental Care employs board certified dentists in Queens, NY that are able to deal with all the issues of the oral cavity. They are trained in the latest dental technology and are trained to recognize oral cancer. Choosing among the dentists in Queens, NY may be a daunting task that can be made easier by consulting with previous patients that have provided feedback on that dentist. The client reviews are available through either word of mouth and through online customer review websites. You may also check the current certification of any dentist at the American Dental Association website as well as the New York Dental Association website.

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