Helpful Information on Dental Implants in Birmingham

Many people are ashamed of their smiles, simply because they are missing some of their natural teeth. You can begin missing your teeth because of the aging process, injury or cavities and gum disease. When you are missing any of your teeth, it can cause you problems with your confidence. It can also cause you to have difficulty being able to eat some types of foods. Some people even suffer with speech problems, because they are missing crucial teeth that aid in being able to make certain sounds. Fortunately, there is an option to replace these missing teeth, through Dental Implants in Birmingham. This gives you a permanent option for replacing your teeth, so you no longer have to deal with these issues.

If you are considering replacing your missing teeth with Dental Implants in Birmingham, you need to know this is done through a surgical procedure. Though it is done on an outpatient basis, it is still a serious operation. There are risks to consider, so you will need to make sure you talk with your dentist at length, so you know what to expect through your surgery.

The first part of the procedure involves the dentist placing metal anchors in your jawbone. This is crucial for ensuring your new teeth can be put in place and secured, so they will provide you with full function. The metal anchors are crafted from titanium. This metal is the only type that will fully bond with bone tissue. The process for bonding will take three to six months to be accomplished. The dentist will need to know the process has fully taken place, before your new teeth are put in.

Once your artificial teeth are placed on each anchor, your smile will be completed. You will be able to feel confident in your smile and you will be able to regain your full ability to chew a wide variety of foods. Through a smile restoration, dental implants can complete your smile and ensure it is strong and functional.

If you want to know more about dental implants, schedule an appointment and Meet Dr. Anglin And Dr. Nelson. Through their services, your smile will look and function better than ever before.



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