Replacing Missing Teeth with Crowns and Bridges in Port Orange, FL

Dental implants may be all the rage, but they have one major downside: They’re extremely expensive. Therefore, there is still plenty of demand for Crowns and Bridges in Port Orange FL. A crown-and-bridge system works well to replace the chewing power of missing teeth and maintain the proper spacing of the natural teeth that remain. It also feels more natural than removable replacements, so many people find it to be the best option out of those that do not replace the roots of the missing teeth.

Crowns and bridges work together to replace teeth. The bridge is the part that replaces the missing teeth, but it must be attached to something that won’t wear down in order to work in the long term. Natural tooth enamel is too soft for the wires of a bridge and would soon erode away if the wires were directly attached. That’s where the crowns come in. The teeth on each side of the gap are crowned, and they provide good, erosion-proof connection points for the bridge. The replacement teeth in the bridge itself are also considered to be crowns since they serve the purpose of the top parts of the missing teeth.

Once everything is installed, the patient’s mouth will look like it has its full complement of natural teeth. Caring for a bridge, however, does require a bit of extra work for most people. Specialized dental cleaning tools may be needed to get in around the wires and any other small gaps that a toothbrush won’t reach. These tools usually take the form of tiny brushes that can be pushed between these spots instead of rubbed across them. A variety of sizes are made so that it’s easy for patients to find the ones that will work for their tooth spacing.

There is only one real downside to Crowns and Bridges in Port Orange FL. That downside is that they don’t replace the tooth roots, so some bone loss in the area can be expected. Even so, many people would have to go toothless if it wasn’t for crowns and bridges from offices like Beville Dental Care. That’s because crowns and bridges are much more affordable than implants.

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