How Does Seminole’s Best Orthodontist Help Patients?

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Dental Services

Orthodontists are specialized dentists who focus on the alignment of the teeth and jaw. They help patients build self-confidence and feel more attractive by treating a variety of dental and cosmetic issues. Seminole’s Best Orthodontist will use molds and x-rays, as well as a thorough physical examination, to determine the best course of treatment for the patient. Patients are normally referred to an orthodontist by a regular dentist. This is because orthodontists receive specialized training and are better suited to treat any alignment and overcrowding problems that patients may have.

Those with jaw alignment issues may have problems eating properly and speaking clearly. An under bite is when the lower jaw is positioned too far forward and may cause the bottom teeth to overlap the top teeth. An overbite is the opposite; the lower jaw is positioned too far back. These alignment issues are fairly common and can be easily treated by an orthodontist. The doctor may suggest that custom face gear or a head-mask be created for patients and used regularly to help resolve these issues. Many of these devices are only to be worn at night, so patients don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of wearing them in public. Orthodontists also help correct sleep apnea as well as any injuries to the face or jaw.

People with crooked or unevenly-spaced teeth may feel embarrassed or self-conscious. They may try to cover their mouths when speaking in public or avoid conversation entirely. Sometimes, people won’t even smile around others because of crooked teeth. Seminole’s Best Orthodontist uses braces to slowly change the alignment of a patient’s teeth. Braces have brackets that are applied individually to each tooth and wires that connect all the brackets. By tightening the wires, orthodontists are able to gradually move teeth into a more healthy and attractive position. Braces are used on children and teens more frequently because their teeth are still moving and mouth is still growing; however, many adults wear braces as well. Adults may simply have to wear braces for longer to achieve the same results. After braces are removed, a retainer may be worn to keep teeth from moving out of their new corrected position. An orthodontist will schedule regular appointments to make small adjustments and monitor progress. Click Here for more info!


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