Foods to Avoid Eating with Dentures in Fairview

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Dental Implants

It never fails that no matter what you do, you will always want the foods that you are not supposed to have. Whether because of a medical condition, diet, or the placement of new dentures in your mouth, there’s always going to be a point where you may try to test your dentures and eat foods that you know you shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, giving up foods is part of the process of installing dentures in your mouth. As a denture wearer, you should know what you cannot eat and follow the advice of your dentist to ensure that you do not damage your dentures or cause yourself unnecessary pain by irritating your gums and mouth.

Here are three foods that you absolutely should not have if you are seeking Dentures Fairview.

Coffee, Tea, and Other Caffeinated Drinks

Like natural teeth, caffeinated drinks and dentures do not go well together because the caffeine stains the teeth and causes your body to become very dehydrated. The dehydration will cause your mouth to become dry, which is already a common issue with dentures, particularly when they are new. Patients often complain of discomfort in the beginning as they try to adjust to teeth that dry out the mouth and consequently irritate the gums. You should constantly be making an effort to keep your mouth lubricated enough for saliva to properly flow throughout. If you eliminate caffeine from your diet, you will be one step closer to achieving this and avoiding dry mouth altogether.


Popcorn is a favorite amongst a lot of people because it’s a salty snack that has a bit of a crunch and great taste. However, for denture wearers, the time has come for you to give up this salty snack, as it not only gets caught in your teeth, but also dries out your mouth. The hard bits of popcorn, particularly the kernels, could cause you a lot of pain if they were to get stuck between your dentures. Not to mention, the salt on the popcorn causes your mouth to become drier, which will make your gums hurt and potentially cause your dentures to slip. To avoid this, rid popcorn from your diet and continue to consistently lubricate your mouth.


Candy will become a bigger cause for concern once you have had your dentures installed. This is because candy that sticks to your teeth has the potential to cause your dentures to slip and/or dislodge from your gums. This will require you to clean the excess candy off of your dentures and glue the dentures back into place. If you can resist the urge, always avoid candy so that you do not deal with this issue in the future. Find more details.

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