Find A Reliable Emergency Dentist In Port Elizabeth

As many residents in the Port Elizabeth area know, when you need an emergency dentist to repair your teeth, it’s often difficult to find one. Dental emergencies can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have just as many causes. While many dental emergencies occur due to accidental damage, many also occur due to pre-existing dental problems. For the most part, a typical dental emergency may call for a dentist to repair a broken tooth or remove an infected and damaged tooth. When it comes to getting an infected tooth taken care of, an Emergency Dentist in Port Elizabeth is the best route to go when you can’t visit your regular dentist, due to the severe pain that infected teeth can cause.

Oftentimes, an infected tooth can cause an immense amount of severe pain, causing discomfort while both eating and drinking. When a patient is suffering from an infected tooth, getting antibiotics to take from an emergency dentist in Port Elizabeth to get rid of the infection as quickly as possible is important. If a patient were to wait around until they could visit their regular dentist, the infection would have more time to get worse, possibly causing the patient even more discomfort in the process. The more severe an infection becomes, the higher the health risk for the patient becomes.

Once your tooth infection has been cleared up, the next step is getting it repaired. Infections can be caused by a variety of problems, usually stemming from some kind of exposure of the nerve inside the tooth itself. While infected, the enamel usually is broken down to the point where it can’t be repaired easily, resulting in the need for a crown to repair the tooth or a dental implant to replace it entirely. Dental Implants are a great way to replace teeth that have been extracted due to infection or damage for many reasons. Dental implants consist of a porcelain tooth and a metal anchor to hold the implant attached to your jaw bone. An Emergency Dentist in Port Elizabeth will normally not be the one to replace your tooth, opting for you to visit your dentist once the infection has cleared up or your gums have healed after an extraction was performed.

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