When Should Your Child Begin Seeing the Family Dentist in Locust Valley NY?

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Dentist

As a parent, you work to protect your child’s health, so they grow into healthy adults. A big part of keeping your child’s health at its best, is keeping their teeth healthy and strong. Though you most likely know the basics of caring for your child’s teeth, you may not know everything that needs to be carried out. Through this information, you will be armed with knowledge, so you can properly care for your child’s smile, from the moment they begin cutting teeth. These hints, provided by the Family Dentist in Locust Valley NY, can help your child to have good oral health.  for more information.

Many parents are surprised to learn they should begin caring for their child’s oral health before the first tooth is cut. It is important you use a soft cloth and gently wipe the milk residue from your child’s gum tissue. This helps to keep the gum tissue clean. This also helps your child to become accustomed to oral care practices, so they will be at ease once a toothbrush is used. Finally, this cleaning action helps to toughen the gum tissue and encourage the teeth to cut through when they are ready.

Once your child cuts his or her first tooth, it is time to for dental care to begin. Your child will need to begin seeing the dentist when the first tooth comes through or around the age of one. This will ensure the dentist can monitor your child’s oral health, so they do not develop cavities or gum disease. Monitoring your child from an early age will also allow the Family Dentist in Locust Valley NY to make sure there are no developmental issues with your child’s teeth.

Your child will need to see the dentist every six months, to ensure his or her teeth and gums stay healthy and strong. You can do your part by brushing and flossing your child’s teeth each day. It is also important to provide your child with a healthy diet. These practices, coupled with good dental care, can help your child to have a healthy smile.

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