Enjoy a Beautiful Smile With Help From an Expert Cosmetic Dentist Tinley Park IL

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Cosmetic Dental Care

A beautiful smile is known to improve relationships and open doors to new areas of life, but getting such a smile can be a real challenge. This is where an experienced Cosmetic Dentist Tinley Park IL can help. The first step is to have the dentist examine the teeth and decide what possible repair options are available. For example, slightly crooked teeth or teeth with stains that are hard to remove can be covered with a veneer. If the tooth is damaged and needs to be removed, then the dentist may suggest the use of an implant. No matter what the problem may be, there is a cosmetic solution to improve the way it looks.

The most common reason for contacting a cosmetic dentist in Tinley Park, IL is whitening. Dental whitening uses a simple carbamide gel or paste placed over the teeth. The carbamide peroxide is then activated with a bit of water. H2O causes a chemical reaction which converts the carbamide into hydrogen peroxide. This conversion drives the peroxide below the enamel where the tough stains are found. The typical whitening process should not take longer than half an hour, but the final results may not be visible for a week to ten days. That is because the chemical is still cleaning under the enamel.

One problem that some people have with teeth whitening is the rainbow smile effect. That is, the person has had some amount of cosmetic dental work that uses putty or other materials that aren’t affected by whitening. Because the work was done to match the existing teeth, there is a chance that the color will be different after cleaning. This situation is an excellent reason for using a veneer. Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain used to cover the front or visible portion of the teeth. The veneer is not a dental appliance like a denture or bridge. In fact, it is simply a covering held in place with a bit of resin. Compare this to the crown which covers and protects the whole tooth. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry or other ways to improve that smile visit the experts at RK Smiles.

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