Learning to Live With Dentures in Smithtown, NY

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Dentists & Clinics

After years of dealing with dental issues, the decision is made to invest in a set of Dentures in Smithtown NY. Now that the fitting is done and the dentures are in the hands of the patient, the process of learning to live with them begins. Here are some of the things that the patient can expect.

Getting Used to the Feel

Unlike other solutions, Dentures in Smithtown NY are configured to fit around the tops and sides of the gums. For a time after the patient begins to wear the plates, they will seem a little odd. After all, the space that the plates now occupy was vacant for some time. Fortunately, the dentures are well made and they are not causing any irritation or discomfort. Many people will find that they begin to seem like a normal part of the mouth after a week or so.

Learning to Clean the Dentures

Cleaning the dentures does mean making some changes. It’s fine to use a soft-bristle brush for quick cleaning after a meal, but they still need to be soaked in a solution at night. This means taking them out just before bedtime. Remember that they need to be rinsed thoroughly each morning before the adhesive is applied.

In terms of making sure the gums are clean before the dentures go in, many people find that using mouthwash helps. There are also brushes that can be used to clean the gums without damaging the tissue. That helps to ensure that, once the dentures are in for the day, there will be nothing underneath that could cause irritation. Click here for more details about the quality dentures in Smithtown, NY.

Preventing Damage to the Dentures

To some degree, the patient will need to learn how to eat all over again. This includes learning how to chew with the dentures, but it also means being mindful of what type of food could cause damage. While the plates are tough, they are not indestructible. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is if the food contains something that could damage a tooth, it would also damage the denture plate.

For anyone who thinks dentures may be right for them, visit Wecatertocowards.com today and arrange an examination. Once the results are in, the dentist can go over the options with the patient and make it easier to come up with the best decision.

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