Benefits of Taking a Child to an Orthodontist in Kinnelon NJ Early

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Dental Services

Children with crooked or misaligned teeth will need to see an Orthodontist in Kinnelon NJ about treatment options. Many times an orthodontist will not place braces on the child’s teeth until they have reached their teen years. However, it is wise to check with an orthodontist about the issue as soon as possible.

Most orthodontists will use metal braces on a child’s teeth to help in realigning and straightening the teeth. This can often be a slow process and for some children it can be a painful and embarrassing situation. Often children do not want to have a mouth full of metal braces when they are teenagers.

In some cases, an Orthodontist in Kinnelon NJ may recommend alternate types of braces for such children. Depending on the needs of the child, it may be possible to use braces made of acrylic materials rather than metal. The advantage of these types of braces is the braces can be ordered in a variety of colors. Some prefer to have the braces created in a clear or white material. This can often be a good option as it will blend in with the color of the teeth and be less noticeable. In addition, braces also are available in a variety of colors, such as neon green, pink, red or more traditional shades as well. These types of braces will not blend in as well, but they can add a bit of fun to the child’s teeth.

If a child is working as an actor, performer or in other fields, he or she may need to use clear plastic dental aligners to correct the issues with his or her teeth. These products are fitted to the child’s teeth. The trays are replaced on a regular basis as the teeth conform to the shape of the tray. This can be a great choice as the aligners are often invisible to most people who might interact with the child. In addition, they can be removed for performances or special occasions.

If you child has issues with the shape of his or her teeth, seeing an orthodontist early can be important. By taking care of this early, a plan can be developed to correct these types of dental issues in the best way for the needs of the child.

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