Which Treatment: Whitening or Dental Veneers in Alexandria VA?

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Dentist

Not surprisingly, today, a large part of the population is very interested in cosmetic dentistry, and that is because, as they say, a beautiful smile opens many doors. Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry techniques, people can see a radical change in the health and image of their teeth. To improve their image, people want their teeth whitened totally and completely. Unsightly stains are caused by unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking wine or coffee, and more. At the time one decides to do something about their teeth, it is only natural that he or she emerges with logical questions as to what the most appropriate course of treatment is. While Dental Veneers in Alexandria VA and professional whitening both have fundamental objectives to improve the aesthetics of the patient, dentists also mention the important differences between these two concepts, which are detailed in this article.

Tooth whitening is a simple procedure in which a product, called carbamide peroxide, is applied on the enamel. Today, there are very many alternatives people can find in the market. Despite the enormous range of possibilities offered, dentists emphasize that the best option is to undergo professional tooth whitening. This technique has experienced an upward trend in terms of its reputation among all those who underwent the procedure too.

Dental Veneers in Alexandria VA consist of a case being placed at the front of the teeth. These are responsible for solving various diseases, such as dental stains and even tooth crowding. That is, veneers not only fulfill an aesthetic factor but also will be of great help in crowded teeth, while tooth whitening, as its name suggests, will only serve to whiten the teeth. Although in both cases such interventions stand out for their simplicity, dentists also warn that in the case of veneers, there are a lot of cases where professionals have to make a small cut in the teeth in order to accommodate the veneer.

On the other hand, another significant difference is the price difference between them. These two treatments have many differences and, although both meet aesthetic factors, veneers play a factor of restoration that professional tooth whitening does not. One can click here to find more.

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