A Cosmetic Dentist Can Create a Beautiful Smile

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Dentist

One of the most common reasons for visiting the dentist is to remedy an aching tooth. Another is eliminating the stains on the teeth that have built up over time. In fact, dental whitening is the most commonly requested procedure performed by a Cosmetic Dentist. This may be due to the beautiful, white shine that this process provides or the pearly sheen that results from a deep cleaning. One of the best aspects of this whitening process is the limited amount of time it requires. The typical whitening procedure should only take half an hour. Results are immediate, and the process keeps working for at least a week. However, the white shine will last for months.

The second most common procedure available to the Cosmetic Dentist is veneered. As most people know, a veneer is a thin layer of fine quality material placed over one of lesser quality. In this case, the veneer is a porcelain shell that is custom fit for the patient. Once the veneer is returned from the lab, the dentist will apply a strong adhesive to secure it in place.

Due to advances in technology, the method for placing a veneer has improved. Earlier methods often required the removal of some tooth material. Today’s veneers are normally attached with very little filing or shaping, and many patients enjoy the results in just a few office visits.

There are many ways to improve a smile such as shaping the teeth or bonding them to add substance, However, this requires something to work with, and not all patients will have a full set of teeth. In these instances, the cosmetic dentist may suggest the use of implants. This procedure uses an inert material such as titanium or plastic as an anchor for either a crown or a prosthetic device such as a bridge or denture.

If the patient only requires a single tooth replacement, then the dentist will usually have a porcelain crown created. Porcelain is preferred for both its looks and strength. Using an implant for securing a prosthesis simply requires a little more planning because the dentist needs to find the strongest point for multiple anchors. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry visit the website at Greatamericansmile.com.

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