Using General Dentistry In Salem OR To Whiten Teeth

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Dentist

Most people do not care for the appearance of staining on the teeth. Brightening the teeth can be done in a variety of ways. Here are some ways to give a try in removing the discoloration on the teeth. If these do not work, going to a dentist dealing with General Dentistry in Salem OR will be helpful as they have their own set of whitening methods available.

There are a couple of fruits known to help reduce the coloring from staining foods from the fronts of the teeth. Try rubbing the interior of a banana peel direct to the teeth. When this is done frequently, it tends to dull the coloring present. Another fruit that reduces stains is strawberries. Use a fork to mash up a strawberry and apply the pulp to the teeth for several minutes. The malic acid in this fruit aids in the removal of stains.

Baking soda will help rub away stains. This can be applied to the teeth by mixing it with water to form a paste. Brush over the teeth in the same manner as with toothpaste. This method of tooth whitening should be limited to once a week for up to a minute of brushing during each session. This is because the enamel layer can be worn away if baking soda is used too often.

Another method is the use of over-the-counter whitening products. These also should be limited because they can cause enamel loss. It may be a better method to go to a dentist to have a whitening procedure done under supervision rather than relying on products from a store. A dentist could whiten teeth with a bleaching procedure in the comfort of their office. They could also apply a crown or veneer over a very discolored tooth. White fillings are sometimes used for this as well.

When someone suffers from discolored teeth, seeing a dentist working in General Dentistry in Salem OR is a good idea. The dentist would evaluation the teeth, make a recommendation, and carry out the appropriate procedure if desired. Discover more info here to make an appointment with a reputable dental service.

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