Aesthetic Dentistry Is The Secret To A Wonderful Smile

How important is a smile? Researchers asked 1,000 adults were asked to evaluate the importance of a smile, especially in the workplace and in their social life. A healthy, happy smile was felt to be significant in job interviews and in meeting new people and essential for self-confidence and a professional appearance.

When participants were asked what facial feature they would most want to change, the answer was a little surprising. Overwhelmingly, people were unhappy with their teeth. A great smile makes a person seem much friendlier and approachable; people who are not smiling are considered to be aloof and uncaring.

Improving Smiles for 5,000 Years

Actually, the most surprising thing about that survey was that someone felt it necessary to conduct it. Throughout history, people have tried to take care of their teeth. Five thousand years ago, people used small sticks to clean their teeth. The Etruscans were making ivory and bone dentures in 700 B.C. By the 1200s, barbers guilds included dental surgeons and hygienists. Six hundred years ago, the first toothbrushes were made with animal bristles. Aesthetic Dentistry continued to develop, but the& lack of technology hampered their efforts.

Dentures made from wood or with animal teeth didn’t fit or function well, as George Washington would have certainly sworn to. Porcelain began to be used to create teeth for dentures during the 1800s. Today, acrylic is the material generally used for dentures.

Teeth Whitening

During the 1800s, all sorts of bleaching agents were used to whiten teeth. Not all worked well. One hundred years later, dentists found that the use of a bleaching light with hydrogen peroxide would whiten teeth, but it took a number of treatments. At-home whitening trays came into use in 1989.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is the teeth whitening system that people wish they had had all those years ago. Over time, smoking and various foods and beverages stain the surfaces of teeth. Gradually, the stain will penetrate the enamel, making the tooth appear to be an unattractive yellow. Zoom is safe to use, whitens in an hour and the beautiful results are long-lasting.

Visit Trusted Dentistry in either their Angola or Goshen, IN offices to learn more about how Aesthetic Dentistry can give you that movie star smile. A whiter, brighter smile is great for self-confidence. Visit to learn more about Zoom Teeth Whitening and request a free consultation. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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