Take Home or In Office Teeth Whitening in Thorofare

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Dental Services

You’ve decided to undergo Teeth Whitening in Thorofare, yet don’t feel comfortable attempting this at home using an over the counter kit. Don’t worry as you still have options. Your dentist may offer a take home kit for Teeth Whitening in Thorofare or may recommend an in office procedure, based on the state of your teeth and how much whitening they need. Sit down with him or her today to discuss your options and which is best for you, based on your current oral health and many other factors.

For some, a take home whitening kit dispensed by a dentist is the best option. These results, in the eyes of some, produce the optimal results over a period of time. The dentist creates a teeth specifically for your teeth and you take this tray home. You’ll place a special gel in the tray and then put the tray in. The major benefit of these trays over those purchased in a store is the custom fit of the tray. The bleaching agent stays in direct contact with the teeth for great results, and the gel used typically consists of 10 to 15 percent carbamide peroxide. Follow all directions exactly for a beautiful smile.

Others find in office teeth whitening procedures are needed to produce the desired results. With this option, one achieves significant color change in very little time. The dentist uses a high concentration of peroxide gel, but only after protecting the gums to ensure they aren’t damaged. When the gel is in place, a light is used to activate it, allowing the gel to penetrate the tooth enamel. Once the gel moves through the enamel, certain compounds are released, bleaching the teeth. Care must be taken due to the risk of damage to the soft tissues and gums, which is why a dentist or trained technician must handle the procedure.

With the help of a Teeth Whitening Dentist, you can have a gorgeous smile once again. Make an appointment today to discuss this treatment option. When you do so, you’ll find you have a number of options available to you and one is sure to be exactly what you need for a great smile, one you can wait to share with others.

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