How Children’s Dentistry in Appleton WI is Different From Adult Dentistry

Children have different oral health needs than adults. Because their mouths are still growing, they need a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists receive additional training after they complete dental school to help them diagnose and treat oral conditions that affect children. There are several benefits to choosing a dentist who specializes in Children’s Dentistry in Appleton WI for your child.

Because of their special training and sensitivity to the different physical and emotional needs of young patients, children are often more comfortable with pediatric dentists. A child’s mouth is not a smaller version of an adult mouth. Children’s dentistry deals with the formation and alignment of two different sets of teeth. Your son or daughter’s dentist will monitor the growth and development of their jaw and teeth and recommend early treatment of dental problems if necessary.

Pediatric dentists are trained to help young patients understand the procedures so they will be comfortable while the dentist works in their mouth. The dentist may allow your child to see and touch the instruments so they won’t be surprised by how they feel when the dentist uses them to clean their teeth or gums. If your child needs a dental procedure, such as a filling or root canal therapy, pediatric dentists have several options for pain management available to them.

Before using medications to keep a child calm during a dental procedure, pediatric dentists will often attempt to use their voice to sooth and distract them. If the procedure won’t take a long time to complete, pain medications are not always necessary. Topical anesthetic may be applied to the area of your child’s mouth where the dentist will work. In some cases, Novocaine is not even necessary for small fillings.

If your child is anxious and the dental team is not able to soothe him or her, nitrous oxide may be an option. When you take your child to a provider that specializes in Children’s Dentistry in Appleton WI, they will carefully evaluate your child to determine the best ways to keep them comfortable so the procedure can be done quickly with as little discomfort as possible. Browse website or contact Barnes & Associates Dentistry SC for more details on children’s dentistry.

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