Get Prepared to Receive Dentures in South Elgin IL

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Dental Services

When a person is missing their teeth, life is difficult in many different ways. People often have difficulty being able to eat normally and end up needing to be on a soft foods or liquid diet. This can take its toll on your health. Those who do not have teeth also feel ashamed of their appearance and will work to avoid smiling or speaking in front of others. Aside from these issues, people also have difficulty speaking clearly.

If you are dealing with these issues, you need to research how dentures can improve your life. Through Dentures in South Elgin IL, you can have your teeth replaced. Though they are not your natural teeth, they will look and perform just like your own. This will allow you to return to eating the foods you love. It will also give you back the confidence you lost with your teeth.

To prepare you for Dentures in South Elgin IL, the dentist will need to make sure there are no teeth that need to be removed. He or she will also need to make sure your gums are healthy enough for wearing dentures.

If you have gum disease or oral cancer, you will have to wait until your gums have healed before you can receive dentures. These conditions can become worsened with wearing a pair of dentures since they rest on your gums.

Impressions will be made of your mouth so the right size and shape can be created for your dentures. This helps to ensure the perfect fit so your new dentures do not slip around while you are talking or eating.

Once your dentures are finished, the dentist will make sure they properly fit and will give you ample instructions on caring for your new dentures so they continue to perform and look their very best.

If you are missing your teeth and would like to learn how dentures can help, contact Fox River Periodontics and schedule an appointment for a denture consultation. Through the dentist, you can receive the beautiful and fully functional smile you have been missing. Call today for your appointment.

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