Why You Should Get Dentures In DC

DC dental patients who have suffered a complete loss of their teeth should review the benefits of acquiring dentures now. These devices provide you with a removable option to replace your teeth. This can offer you a natural looking alternative, which is more affordable than services such as dental implants. If you wish to learn more about Dentures in DC today, click here to find out more now.

How to Acquire Dentures

After your dentist has removed your teeth; you’ll have to wait the recommended healing time. The reason this is so important is to ensure that your gums shrink down completely before you are fitted for dentures. This prevents you from acquiring dentures that don’t fit and ultimately slip. When this happens, a new set is required and presents you with further delays.

Your dentist collects a mold of the ridges of your gums initially. You will review models to determine which options look the most like your natural teeth. After these steps are completed, the dentist sends the mold to a lab, which creates your dentures.

Once the dentures are ready, your dentist will contact you to schedule an appointment for a fitting. He or she ensures that they fit you correctly before you leave their office. If you experience any issues after your visit, you can contact your dental professional to make any adjustments you need.

What You Should Know

Some dental insurance carriers may enforce limitations as to how many pairs you can acquire within a specific time frame. This could present an issue, if your dentures become damaged later. However, most policies cover up to eighty percent of the cost for these options.

Dentures in DC are a viable option for restoring your smile. While they are not installed permanently, they are a natural looking option that could restore your self esteem. By acquiring them, you can improve your ability to chew properly. They will also improve your speech, which help you communicate more effectively. This could help you in your job search as well. If you wish to explore the benefits of these options, contact your preferred dentist today.



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