Dental Implants Through an Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Dental Services

In every Cosmetic Dentistry practice, the use of dental implants is increasingly replacing traditional prosthetics. Patients who have had implants successfully installed will give “word of mouth” referrals to other people who are looking for alternatives to “false teeth”. You may see movie stars and other celebrities with dazzling white teeth. They are not born this way. Modern dentistry and your local Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley has made great strides in dental implants.

Here we discuss the pros and cons and consider the arguments for implantation.


Quality dental implants are very durable, as they can be used for many years. Implants provide a new quality of life. When installing a single or multiple implants in place of missing teeth, you need not fret the adjacent healthy teeth. Implants are very aesthetically pleasing and they cannot be distinguished from beautifully, natural-looking teeth. Even though it’s easier to care for implants than for classical dentures, they still have to be brushed like regular teeth. In the complete absence of teeth, dental implants can solve any problem.


Dental implants is still an operation that an Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley performs regularly. This means pain, discomfort and an additional burden on the body during surgery and the postoperative period is possible. In comparison with some types of prosthesis, implantation is a more invasively-traumatic method. Unsuccessful operations by dental implants can cause complications. There is a list of diseases in which a tooth implant is contraindicated, such as diabetes, mental illness, cancer, etc.

Dental implants is also more expensive than classic prosthetics. In some cases, when the bone is thin and loose, the Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley will need to conduct a series of manipulations to ensure the bone can hold the implant. In this case, the dentist should explain the nature of the proposed surgery and the available options, but the final choice is up to the patient. That is why a consultation is so important.

In developed countries, like the United States, Western Europe, etc., implanted teeth are very common. Although, the prices of dental implants in the West tend to exceed the average. In general, weighing all the pros and cons of dental implants, it’s advisable to opt for dental implants. Go to a dental clinic and get the smile you always wanted.

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