Create a Beautiful Smile With Teeth Whitening in Blackwood

There are many facets of dentistry, from general practice to orthodontics, but one of the rising fields in modern dentistry is Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of improving the appearance of the teeth. In practical application, this often involves improving their function as well. For example, the application of dental veneers is normally done to cover severe stains or to hide misshapen teeth. For this procedure to function well or last for any length of time, the veneers must be accurately made and well bonded over the existing teeth. Of course, cosmetic dentistry also includes some purely cosmetic procedures like Teeth Whitening in Blackwood.

Teeth whitening, once misnamed as bleaching, is the process of removing a variety of deeply set in food and drink stains. The stains occur when the enamel on the teeth gets damaged or cracked. These tiny breaks allow liquids and minute food particles to work their way under the enamel where they are difficult to reach. Regular brushing, flossing or rinsing can’t eliminate the problem because the cleaning agents don’t reach deep enough to affect the stains. Teeth whitening service in Blackwood doesn’t have this problem because the whitening agent can work for as long as required. In normal office applications the dentist will let the whitening peroxide sit for about fifteen minutes. At this point they will check the results and decide if more time is necessary. Thirty minutes is usually the maximum time required for best results. Attempting to use an over the counter product for fifteen to thirty minutes could get very tedious.

There are several misconceptions regarding Teeth Whitening in Blackwood including the statement that the process bleaches the teeth or the belief that whitening works on all smiles. Teeth whitening actually works by eliminating the stains that cover the underlying dentin and those that block the angle of light entering the tooth. By making this dentin visible, you end up with pearly white teeth. Anything else would look a bit unnatural. Unfortunately, teeth that have already had other treatments will not whiten properly. For example, teeth with veneers, caps or crowns have a material that the peroxide can’t affect. This is one reason that a dentist will suggest a full set of veneers. By covering all of the visual teeth, they avoid this problem in the future. Contact Cross Keys Family Dental

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