Cure teeth grinding with a custom dental night guard

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Dental Services

Patients that suffer from teeth grinding can find relief with custom dental night guards Camas, WA dentists can provide. These night guards serve to protect the enamel of the teeth from being worn away due to excessive grinding. When it comes to finding a solution to teeth grinding, custom dental night guards offer the perfect solution.

Teeth grinding causes jaw pain, headaches, and can result in misalignment. However with custom dental night guards, Camas, WA patients can get relief. The first step is to set up a consultation with a dentist who can examine the teeth to find out if they are exhibiting signs of excessive grinding. If the dentists uncovers symptoms of grinding, then they are likely to recommend guards which protect the teeth. The official name for night guards is occlusal guards and you may hear your dentist refer to it as such.

Why wear a nightguard

Repeated clenching or grinding of the teeth can affect the structural integrity of your teeth and enamel. A guard is used to protect the teeth from these harmful effects. Although primarily worn overnight, patients can still realize many different benefits from this apparatus. Although mouth guards are available from local pharmacies, they are not as effective as custom fitted guards. This is because due to their composition, they can potentially increase the force used by the jaws which can cause the jaws to come out of alignment. With custom dental night guards Camas, WA dentists provide, patients can benefit from using night guards that are designed to work with their teeth and jaw.

Where to get custom guards

The best place to get custom dental night guards Camas, WA patients need is from a dentist. The dentist will provide an in depth consultation to see whether or not a custom night guard is the best solution for their patients. They will do whatever is needed to get their patients the guards as quickly as possible to prevent the damage caused by clenching, gnashing, and grinding the teeth.

A properly constructed night guard does more than simply protect the teeth. It also reduces the forces exerted by the muscles of the jaw which ensures that the delicate bones and ligaments do not become misaligned. They guide the movement of the lower jaw and also the bite position to provide the ultimate levels of protection for the wearer.

At the dental office of Dr. Lewis, patients can be fitted for custom dental night guards in a welcoming dental office. Find out more about the available services at or their Facebook page.

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