Your Questions Answered About Teeth Cleaning In Ann Arbor MI

To maintain healthy teeth and gums, adults and children should have regular checkups with their dentist. Along with a checkup, it’s important that patients have a Teeth Cleaning in Ann Arbor MI. There are many benefits of having your teeth cleaned and by reading the questions and answers below you’ll learn more about this important dental procedure.

Q.) Do patients still need to have their teeth cleaned at the dental clinic if they regularly brush and floss?

A.) Brushing and flossing is important and should be done on a regular basis, but teeth cleanings are important too. While brushing and flossing gets rid of plaque and helps prevent tooth decay, some plaque can remain on your teeth, where it hardens and turns into tartar. When you go to a dental office for a cleaning, every speck of plaque and tartar is removed from your teeth. While performing a teeth cleaning, the dentist or hygienist also removes calculus that forms along your gum line. If this isn’t removed, bacteria grows and provides a thriving environment for gum disease.

Q.) How is a teeth cleaning procedure performed at the dentist office?

A.) Usually a dental hygienist will perform the teeth cleaning procedure in a dental office. During the Teeth Cleaning in Ann Arbor MI, a hygienist will use various dental tools to thoroughly clean the teeth. Ultrasonic tools are often used for teeth cleaning and as the hygienist runs the pulsating end of the tool over your teeth, the vibration knocks the tartar loose. After the large pieces of tartar are gone from your teeth, the hygienist uses finely pointed hand tools to scrape and clean the plaque and tartar out of the tiny crevices of your teeth. After the plaque and tartar is removed, the hygienist cleans your teeth with a special polish. After the hygienist is finished, the dentist will examine your teeth and look for any decay or tooth issues.

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