Considering Porcelain Veneers In Shepherdsville, KY?

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Dentist

With the recent advances in cosmetic dentistry, no one should have to suffer from teeth that they are embarrassed to show. Those that are embarrassed tend to smile a tight-lipped smile, turn away from others when speaking or shield their mouth with their hand when laughing. Though these are tricks of the trade for those trying to hide their teeth, it’s clear to others what they’re trying to do. Unfortunately, the tricks don’t hide the teeth from anyone, in fact, sometimes the tooth shielding actions draw additional attention to the mouth instead, doing the exact opposite as they are intended to do.

When dealing with chipped, cracked or misaligned teeth, porcelain veneers in Shepherdsville KY are an easy way to turn a less than perfect smile into into one that a movie star would be glad to show the world. The process is simple, and the change can be dramatic. At Hillview Family Dentistry, the procedure only takes two dental visits. On the first visit, a mold is made of the patient’s teeth so that the veneers can be properly formed to fit well and look natural. The shade of the teeth will also be determined at this time. Though the natural inclination may be to make the veneers a dazzling bright white color, it’s important to listen to the suggestion from the dentist on the proper shade of white. If the teeth are too white, they will look unnatural or fake. Choosing the right shade will make the teeth look as if the patient was born with them.

On the return visit, the existing teeth are prepped, by roughing the surface a bit to help adhesion. A bonding agent is placed on these teeth, and the veneers are attached to them. Because the veneers are paper thin, they are comfortable and will feel natural shortly after adhesion. With proper care, most porcelain veneers in Shepherdsville KY last at least 15 years. This makes the cosmetic procedure be considered permanent, as they are a long lasting solution for those who wants to change their look.

Anyone embarrassed of their teeth or smile should contact a cosmetic dentist for the consultation. Many new and simple cosmetic dental procedures can quickly and easily change a smile from being hidden behind a hand to ready to show the world, all with only a few simple dental visits.

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