Are You Suffering from Gum Disease?

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Dental Services

The Periodontist or periodontal disease is another name for gum disease, which typically starts with the bacteria in your mouth and, if you ignore it or it does not get properly treated, could end with you losing the teeth in your mouth. Gingivitis, which many people refer to as a gum disease, is actually the inflammation of your gums. The one thing you need to know is that gingivitis is what progresses into a periodontal disease if not properly treated. In the beginning stages of gingivitis your gums are irritated and may bleed easily, but your teeth are still firmly rooted in your mouth. It is when it is very important for you to see a dentist in Waikoloa so that you can stop the progression and prevent it turning into periodontal disease.

What are Some Causes of Gum Disease?

The main cause of gum disease the plaque, but there are other causes the can contribute as well.

     *     Hormonal changes brought about by menopause, pregnancy, puberty, and menstruation can make the gums more sensitive making a much easier for gingivitis to develop.

     *     Certain diseases and illnesses can have a huge impact on your gums. Anything such as cancer or HIV the compromises your immune system, or diabetes among others which leaves people at greater risk of infectious diseases, can also mean gum disease and even cavities.

     *     If you smoke, that only makes it harder for your gum tissue to be able to repair itself.

Symptoms to Watch For

Unfortunately, many times gum disease can be painless, but there are a few warning signs this is lead you to contact a dentist in Waikoloa:

     *     If you find that your gums bleed after you brush your teeth,

     *     You have a foul taste or consistent bad breath,

     *     Your gums are irritated, inflamed, red, or swollen, and/or

     *     Your teeth are coming loose, or your gums are receding.

If you’re having any of these issues and need to see a dentist, do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Brian S. Kubo, DDS.

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