Why Should You See the Emergency Dentist in Des Plaines for a Tooth Injury?

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Dental Services

Tooth injuries are difficult to deal with and can cause permanent damage. They can also cause you to feel pain, especially if your nerve becomes exposed because of the injury. If you are injured in your tooth, you need to seek dental treatment as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more damage your tooth could incur. If you are not able to get an appointment with your general dentist, you should consider seeing the emergency dentist in Des Plaines. This will allow your tooth to be treated right away, so the chances of it being saved are increased.

* In the event your tooth is cracked, the dentist will typically be able to easily fix it. The fix involves using a special dental resin that is hardened with a light. This resin can fill in any cracks in your teeth, so they are protected from further damage. This is often the only intervention needed, to protect your tooth and keep it from being lost.

* When your tooth breaks off, you need to make sure you bring the broken piece with you. If any tooth debris is in your mouth, rinse and spit, to remove the debris so you do not swallow it. The dentist will fill your tooth and smooth down any broken areas. In some cases, a crown may be required, to strengthen and protect your tooth. This will depend on how stable your tooth is after the repair.

* In cases of blunt trauma, your tooth can be knocked out. If this occurs, you need to bring your tooth with you. You should first rinse the tooth in cool water and then place it in a cup of cool water or milk. This will keep the tooth alive until the dentist can put it back in place. If you are seen by the Emergency Dentist in Des Plaines in time, your tooth may be able to be saved.

For more information on emergency dental services, They will be glad to provide you with the prompt dental services you need in an emergency, so your oral health is no longer compromised.

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