Why Dental Implants in New City NY Are Overwhelmingly Popular

by | Aug 29, 2014 | Dental Services

Normally patients think that Dental Implants in New City NY are all that replenishes the lost tooth. This post will try to clarify the truth behind the dental implant system. For instance, dental implants have basically three components. Without these components your new tooth is useless.

  Dental implant
  Pillar Implant
  Implant Prostheses

The dental implant, as such, is an artificial bolt that replaces the root and is closely attached to the bone. Above it is the other components, which are placed and will support the full force of mastication. Without it implantology would not be possible. The pillar is an intermediate structure that is placed on the Dental Implants in New City NY which allows dentists to connect the denture to the dental implant. It is a staple and is very variable depending on the type of prosthesis. Furthermore it can be fabricated in different metals or materials including zirconia. The implant prosthesis is the ultimate goal that the patient seeks. It may be a single crown, bridge or a complete multiple prostheses. It can be made from porcelain, porcelain fused zirconium, titanium-porcelain, acrylic, gold-porcelain, etc.


Rejection is not as prominent as most think. The body does not reject a dental implant, but what happens is that osseointegration does not occur. This is when the bone-implant bonding process does not continue. This complication usually occurs before certain important factors. The most common is smoking and dentists know that the failure rate of Dental Implants in New City NY in smokers is higher by 10% compared to non-smokers. This is why experts recommend all patients to stop smoking or reduce the maximum number of cigarettes. Because dentists know that this is a major problem and is controllable by the patient.

Another less common but existing cause is diabetes. Dentists know that uncontrolled diabetic patients have a 10% greater chance of having problems with Dental Implants in New City NY. But in patients where their blood glucose is controlled, they must be more careful when placing the implants, because of the possibility of implant failure is reduced. Therefore, it is important to consider the overall health of the patient to avoid bearing complications.

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