What to Expect With Tooth Extractions in Bullitt County, KY

For many people, there is a fear of going to the dentist. They fret about the pain or discomfort that may lie ahead, and when they need tooth extractions in Bullitt County KY they can get anxious about it. Today’s dentists are skilled enough to recognize what their patients are feeling and are proactive enough to help them make it through any procedure. Patients today do not have to sit in fear while in the dentist’s chair.

When a patient needs a tooth extracted, it can be a stressful time. There may be a number of reasons why they need an extraction. These range from shifting teeth to impacted molars and joint problems in the jaw, or perhaps the tooth that needed repairing is simply too damaged to fix and must come out. Regardless, dentists can help a patient make it through an extraction by helping them deal with their anxiety.

It is certainly not uncommon for patients to be in fear of an extraction, and dentists have various methods to help them cope. There is sedation available that can help them relax through any procedure. One method is nitrous oxide, known to many as laughing gas. This mild sedative is administered via an inhaler and causes no pain whatsoever. Patients feel the effects of the gas within moments and, once the procedure has finished, the effects wear off almost as quickly. If patients aren’t comfortable with nitrous oxide, they have the option of being sedated orally. Their dentist can prescribe an anti-anxiety medication which will also help the patient make it through the procedure without worrying. Unlike the gas, though, this method does not wear off as quickly and patients will need someone with them to drive them home.

Obviously, patients sometimes need more than just Tooth Extractions in Bullitt County KY. Hillview Family Dentistry offers a full range of dental services. From implants to teeth whitening to cosmetic care to routine cleanings, all of these services are available within one office, giving patients the convenience they deserve. These services also include tooth removals, root canals, veneers, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

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