Visit a Dentist in Toms River if You Suspect a Cavity

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Dental Services

If you do not like visiting a dentist, but you think you could possibly have a cavity in one of your teeth, you will want to make an appointment with a qualified Dentist in Toms River. Cavities can be fixed easily and painlessly if they are attended to early, and if the patient cares for the teeth properly after the corrective treatment has been performed. There are different treatments that can be provided for cavities. This, however, will depend on how bad the damages are and how quickly the work needs to be done. Here are some of the major signs to help you determine if you have a cavity.


Many people who have a cavity feel pain, and this could be a lot or little. Some people experience the pain when they eat or expose the tooth to different temperatures, while others may have pain at all times. The pains come from the root of the infected tooth, since the root of the tooth is a nerve that signals the pain to the brain.


If you notice that your tooth looks dark in one area on the top, or anywhere, this could be an indication that tooth decay has started to erode that area, and that the cavity has started forming. It is easier for one to identify shadowing on their molars or on the teeth that have wide flat surfaces. Open your mouth and look with a mirror to see if you notice any shadowing. If you notice it, Visit your General Dentist immediately.


If you notice that your teeth are starting to rot, you will need dental work. If the teeth are discolored, have odors, breaking, and the root is exposed, this means that the cavity has advanced greatly. Teeth that have started to rot should be extracted by the Dentist in Toms River, since the damage has already destroyed the root of the tooth.

If you visit your dentist in Toms River regularly, the teeth won’t get to this point. The cavities can be detected in their early stages when they are easy to treat.

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