Top Tips to Help You Recover from Your Root Canal in Saskatoon

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Dentist

Going in for a root canal in Saskatoon area can make you nervous, so nervous in fact that many patients forget everything the dentist tells them about their recovery and recovery time when they leave the dentist office after the procedure is through. If you are not sure what to do when recovering from a root canal procedure, read on below for some tips that will help.

Take Your Prescriptions as Told
Since you already know extremely painful it can be when your tooth becomes infected, you know that you should take your prescriptions as directed by your dentist. Skipping a dose or forgetting to take your meds when you’re supposed too, could land you right back in the same situation you just got out of, with an infection that requires treatment.

Keep the Area Clean
Gently rinsing your mouth and brushing and flossing when you are allowed is the best way to ensure that you keep the tooth and gums where you have your root canal performed clean and stop it from becoming infected. You want to be vigilant about keeping that area clean so that you don’t have complications that could land you back in the dentist chair.

Watch the Foods You Eat
Foods that are crunchy, chewy or hard need to be avoided when you are recovering from a root canal. It’s also possible that the area will be extremely sensitive to hot and cold for a while, so be careful with that as well.

Following these tips for recovering when you have just gotten a root canal will help you to recover quickly and nicely. For more information on a root canal in Saskatoon, contact the professionals at Preston Dental for help and to make an appointment.

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