The Cosmetic Dentist in Keizer OR Will Give You the Smile of Your Dreams

There are many reasons a person may be unhappy with their smile. Whether due to malformed teeth, missing teeth, stains or damaged teeth, the Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR can help. There are now many cosmetic dental procedures that can be used to transform a person’s smile and give them back their full confidence. With dental veneers, a person’s smile can finally be beautiful.

When a person wants to see the Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR about fixing their smile, they need to first come in for a consultation. Though veneers are safe for most people, not all cosmetic concerns can be treated this way. If the patient is found to be a good candidate, the dentist will make some impressions of the teeth so the dental lab can create veneers that are specially made to fit over the patient’s teeth. This type is made from porcelain so the veneers look and feel like natural teeth.

For most veneers, the dentist must remove a small portion of tooth tissue. This gives plenty of room for the veneer without causing the teeth to stick out or look unnatural. Once the teeth are ready for the implants, the dentist will simply adhere them in place so they are able to completely cover the visible areas of the teeth and stay in place for up to twenty years.

There is also another type of veneer the Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR can offer. This veneer is made by the dentist through placing layers of dental resin on the teeth. As the layers are cured, the dentist shapes and polishes the resin so it resembles natural tooth tissue. Though resin implants are less expensive, they are also not as durable and are more prone to damage. These typically last between five and ten years.

If you are interested in transforming your teeth for a more beautiful smile, contact the Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR. Visit so you can learn more about the many cosmetic dental treatments that are available to help people achieve a more beautiful smile. By scheduling a consultation appointment, you can find out which one will benefit you best.

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