Stained Teeth? Call a Dentist for a Teeth Whitening in Clifton Treatment

Years of coffee drinking can take their toll on a person’s smile. They may look at recent pictures and hate the way that they look. Yellow teeth can be quickly brightened with a Teeth Whitening in Clifton procedure. People shouldn’t hesitate to call their dentist and make an appointment. They can opt for an in-office visit that will brighten teeth in only 90 minutes. Some people don’t like the thought of sitting in a dentist’s office for that long. In that case the dentist can prescribe custom whitening trays that the patient can use in the comfort of their own home.

Cosmetic Dentistry has developed bleaching gels that can be customized to the needs of each patient. If the patient has porous enamel, the dentist can use less of the whitening chemicals. This will prevent any discomfort or irritation. The dentist can also select a gel that has compounds to strengthen tooth enamel. When the patient arrives for their Teeth Whitening in Clifton appointment, the dentist thoroughly cleans the teeth so that the gel can easily penetrate the tooth enamel. Once the gel is applied to the teeth, the dentist focuses a laser on the teeth. The light from the laser enhances the gel and lets it work on the most persistent stains deep inside the tooth. After 15 minutes, the dentist removes the gel and checks the progress. If needed, the process can be repeated up to three times.

If a patient has opted for an at-home Teeth Whitening in Clifton process, the dentist takes an impression of the patients upper and lower teeth. He uses this information to create custom trays that will hold the bleaching gel. These are far more comfortable and effective than the whitening trays that patients can buy at a drugstore. Those trays don’t account for crooked or crowded teeth. Custom trays ensure that the bleaching solution has access to all areas of the teeth. The dentist will determine which strength gel is appropriate and how long the patient should wear the trays each day. Usually this process takes from 10 to 14 days.

Regardless of the tooth whitening method they choose, the patient will be pleased with the results.



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