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by | Sep 18, 2015 | Orthodontic

Orthodontics is a process that aims to solve any problem related to dental misalignment, this being an alternative that is reflected in significant improvements in oral aesthetics and functionality. Seeing Orthodontic Specialists for misalignment or spatial issues can help your smile immensely. Just remember to choose a professional that suits your needs. This short article will explain the most common orthodontic problems that can be solved through this technique.

This list of common problems starts with dental crowding, a very common situation that occurs when the dental arch is small or when the teeth are too big, causing all sorts of problems on an aesthetic and functional level. To solve crowding Orthodontics is necessary and, in some cases, the removal of one or more teeth is required. An overbite is where the upper incisors close below the upper teeth. This situation, which is very common, causes all sorts of problems such as increased wear of the palate bone and the upper teeth, not to mention discomfort to the patient.

Another one of the most common problems that Orthodontic Specialists see is the open bite, i.e. when the upper teeth do not fit together with the lower. The back teeth, which are those responsible in carrying out everyday tasks as chewing, will see increased wear and dental erosion. Again, Orthodontics is one the most effective and recommended solutions to end this problem. Then there are inter dental spaces, i.e., when there is ample space between the teeth. In this sense not only it is noteworthy to understand this is seriously affects the patient’s dental aesthetics, it also increases the chances of injury to the gums. Therefore, it is not surprising that an Orthodontist can solve this problem. Both orthodontics and the insertion of dental veneers are some of the solutions dentists have at their disposal.

Finally, this particular list states just some of the problems associated with dental misalignment issues. Some occur more frequently (like when the upper teeth fit inside the lower), causing all sorts of discomfort when chewing. If you are experiencing these issues, it is best to schedule a consult today. For more information, visit

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