Root Canal Therapy

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Dentist

In Saskatoon Canada, there a number of different treatment options for when you experience serious decay to the center of your tooth. One option is root canal therapy, which is a preferred method of treatment among many dentists. Root canal therapy attempts to save a damaged tooth and prevent it from further damage. Here is everything you need to know about root canal therapy.

Who needs root canal therapy?

You need root canal therapy once bacteria can get access to the center of your tooth through sections of tooth decay or even through cracks on your tooth. These bacteria can cause inflammation and infection, so you will need a root canal to fix the problems. Some dentists will recommend root canal therapy if your teeth are at risk of an attack from harmful bacteria. If you do not get the treatment, the bacteria can destroy your tooth.

How does the root canal treatment procedure work?

During root canal, the center of your tooth will be removed. It will be cleaned and disinfected carefully to make sure to get all the bacteria out. A filling will also be placed to cover up any openings. During the procedure, you should not experience any pain because a numbing agent will be used to make sure that you are comfortable. After the procedure, your tooth might be a little more sensitive than you are used. However, any pain and discomfort should subside quickly after the procedure.

Is root canal therapy safe?

There are a couple of risks of any procedure, but as long as you and your healthcare provider, you can avoid serious concern. Make sure that you report any persistent pain and listen to everything you are told about keeping your teeth clean. You will probably also have to avoid using the affected teeth until your dentist says it is safe to do so.

When bacteria penetrates the very center of your tooth, it can be incredibly painful and it can start to damage your tooth and the area that surrounds your tooth. It can affect nerves, blood vessels, and gums until the entire region is completely dead or useless. Therefore, it is important to get treatment if you or your dentist notices any signs of severe tooth decay. Root canal therapy is easily available in Saskatoon and the procedure is mostly straightforward, but you can definitely talk to a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

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